What is MUN for India?
MUN for India (MFI) is a series of local Model UN conferences across the country, organized by Worldview.

  1. What is Model UN?
    Model UN is an academic simulation of the United Nations, wherein participants emulate the role of international diplomats. They debate and deliberate global issues with the aim of arriving at mutually agreeable solutions while employing parliamentary procedure and the protocols of the UN itself.

  2. Why should a student participate in a Model UN conference?
    Model UN conferences are a proven tool to build one’s critical skills such as public speaking, research, negotiation, and critical thinking. It also helps students develop empathy and learn about the world around them. Furthermore, Model UN conferences are an excellent platform for meeting new people, engaging with peers and forming lifelong friendships!

  3. What is the aim of MFI?
    MFI is aimed at redefining the accessibility, quality, and scope of Model UN, in India.

  4. How does MFI achieve this aim?
    MFI addresses each of its aims individually:

    • Accessibility: MFI conferences are organized locally, and bear no registration cost for participants

    • Quality: MFI conference staff members undergo rigorous pre-conference training to ensure a high standard of quality

    • Scope: MFI conferences have a holistic agenda which includes speaker series, workshops and more, to engage delegates not only in committee but also beyond it.


  1. Who can participate in MUN for India?
    MFI conferences are open to participation to students between grades 7 and 12, but also encourage participation from faculty advisers and parents, and have parallel faculty adviser workshops and training sessions.

  2. How is MFI different from other Model UN conferences?
    MUN for India is specifically designed for delegates who may not have prior experience with Model UN, and has a large focus on the training and development of its participants. Apart from this, MFI conferences bear no registration costs, have a holistic conference agenda including workshops, and are managed by highly trained conference staff.

  3. Is MFI suitable for new and novice delegates?
    Absolutely! MFI is specifically designed for new and novice delegates.

  4. Where is MUN for India being held, and when?
    MUN for India conferences are being held around the country, starting from the month of October to December. The full list of cities and dates, along with other relevant information can be found on the main webpage.

  5. What is the conference schedule for the MUN for India conferences?
    Each MUN for India conference is for two days and is held on a weekend. There is an optional delegate training on the day before the conference (Friday). Each of the conference days begins at about 9 AM, and ends at about 5:00 PM, and has adequate breaks for refreshments, and for lunch.

  6. How does one register for MFI conferences?
    Registration information, including school contact details, can be found on the relevant page for the conference you are interested in under the 'Conferences' tab. Please directly contact the school principal and host team in order to register.

  7. Is MFI really free? What is the catch?
    Yes, MFI conferences are indeed free. The catch is that we ask participants to pledge to change the world in the future and to positively impact their communities.

  8. Do delegates have to be accompanied by a guardian or faculty adviser?
    Yes, all MFI delegates must be accompanied by a faculty adviser or a guardian.

  9. What will the faculty advisers do at MFI conferences?
    MFI conferences have a parallel conference agenda for faculty advisers, guardians and parents which includes open forums with guest speakers, a Model UN training session, and facilitated networking forums. Apart from this, faculty advisers (and guardians and parents) are able to visit committees and see their students in action!

  10. How does MFI help delegates prepare for the conference?
    MFI helps delegates prepare for the conference in multiple ways. Not only is there a pool of online and digital resources in the form of videos and documents made available to registered delegates, but there is also an optional delegate training on the day before the conference. Furthermore, the executive board at the conferences takes special care to help and guide delegates throughout the conference.

  11. Does MFI give out awards?
    MUN for India conferences do have awards, but they are not labeled as “Best Delegate”, “Outstanding Delegate” or similar. Instead, MUN for India recognizes excellent delegates through ‘Diplomacy Awards’ which do not rank or grade delegates against one another.

  12. Does MFI provide meals?
    MFI conferences do not provide meals, and delegates are recommended to carry a packed lunch. Tea and snacks will be provided to all delegates on both days. However, there are provisions for meals at the conference venue, provided by the school itself.

  13. Do delegates receive a certificate of participation?
    Yes, all delegates who attend the conference will be given a certificate of participation. Excellent delegates are recognized through ‘Diplomacy Awards’.

  14. What is the dress code?
    The dress code for MFI iswestern business attire for all participants. However, participants are also welcome to wear Indian formal attire, or their school uniform.

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