Why Mun for India?

In the last decade, Model UN has grown exponentially in India. More and more students are participating in conferences across the country, and the experience has been recognized as one that is of immense value in developing critical skills like public speaking, research, debate and negotiation, and more. 

Over the years, however, Model UN in India has tended towards extremely aggressive debate, and has lost its focus on collaboration. Unfortunately, it has also created many barriers for new and young delegates to participate effectively. Moreover, Model UN has had a dissolution of learning and of the overall quality of the experience, stemming from a lack of high quality and standards in local conferences. 

MUN for India is an effort to address some of these issues in the MUN ecosystem, by improving its accessibility, quality and scope. MUN for India has a conscious focus on training and development, and on high standards of learning. It emphasizes the sharing of ideas and collaborative decision-making over technical excellence and aggressive debate. 


Bearing no registration costs, featuring holistic conference agendas, and being hosted in partnership with local schools, the initiative hopes to redefine MUN, for India


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Zero Registration fee

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