Worldview Education is a Person-Centred Experiential Learning Platform for students. Through the experiential learning programs that we run for Gen-Z, we are on a mission to build a Generation of Solvers - a generation of students who have the capacities & abilities to influence change and an ambition to work on finding solutions to some of the issues we face in our local & global communities. As a part of Worldview's Global Citizenship Program, we partner with entities like the Harvard International Relations Centre, World Federation of United Nations Associations and the International Affairs Association at the University of Pennsylvania to organize international Model UN Conferences across India. 

We at Worldview believe that the aim of a Model UN is to enable students to develop universally acceptable proposals to solve some of the pressing global issues including poverty, health, energy & education, conflict, wildlife & conservation, climate change, imbalanced trade among others. To further this belief, Worldview encourages schools and students to actively engage in understanding and solving these real-world challenges. In this process, we aim to transform Generation-Z into a Generation of Solvers, or Gen-S!

MUNCafé, FutureSake, NatureTurks, MUN for India and Worldview Institute of Leadership & Learning (WILL) are some of Worldview's initiatives & programs. 

A Generation of Solvers

The current generation (Gen-Z) will need to be equipped with the right skill sets and guided with resources to be able to solve them in their communities, neighborhoods and schools. Gen-Z must transform into a Generation of Solvers (Gen-S) to be able to face global issues head-on, all the while thinking critically and finding global yet locally relevant solutions.

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